Our Story

Sunderland 2015

The youth work sector in Sunderland was facing an uncertain future. There was a significant reduction in the support of the local authority and limited grants and funding opportunities available. The result of this was increased workloads, a culture of competitiveness and less opportunity for young people.


The Consortium

With support from the Ballinger Charitable Trust, local youth work organisations in Sunderland came together to develop a collective, joined up approach on how to overcome these challenges and best support the children and young people of Sunderland.

Louder Together.

Stronger Together.

Sunderland All Together.

We’re a network of highly skilled and experienced youth work organisations with one common goal; To transform the lives of young people across the city of Sunderland and to create a strong, sustainable future for youth work services.

We do this by collaboration, working together and acting as a forum for our members to exchange information and to identify gaps in services. This enables us to coordinate and deliver a city-wide youth service that truly represents the needs of children, young people and families in Sunderland.

Our work so far

Our nine member organisations have worked together with the Ballinger Charitable Trust to develop the consortium into a charitable incorporated organisation that's now equipped and prepared to build a sustainable future for youth work services.

We’ve been successful in attracting Youth Investment Funding into the city, which has enabled us to maintain and develop a quality youth service following the complete withdrawal of local authority support.

The consortium has three clear objectives in the coming years;

  • Sustain youth work by equipping the next generation of youth workers with the skills and knowledge they need to support young people.
  • Attract investment for youth work services within the city of Sunderland.
  • Develop standards to enable the delivery of exceptional services for young people.
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